Noêmia’s Supreme Vocation
Celina Luz - Jornal do Brasil - 1966


Paris – Via VARIG – Noêmia Guerra is a Brazilian painter who has been working for 7 years in Paris, where she is currently exhibiting her paintings for the first time. Having given up a whole life that was built along different lines in order to dedicate herself exclusively to painting, she has worked almost anonymously all this time. Her first exhibition was inaugurated last week, at the Jacques Massol Gallery.

The artist has not made any kind of concession in order to achieve what she has achieved. She painted until the day when, by force of circumstance, her art called the attention of experts. It was they who sought her out in her Montparnasse atelier. The twenty-two paintings in the exhibition – representing Brazilian landscapes or sketching typical figures from the different regions of our country – are hanging on the gallery’s walls. The artist is enormously satisfied and admits it herself.


Noêmia Guerra’s exhibition is introduced in the catalogue by G.S. Whittet, an English critic who for twenty years dedicated himself to paintings for an art publication he directed. It is he who writes: “If her name means war, her painting means peace. The peace one achieves when the conflict between ideas and pigments is reached, and their application is solved. When I first saw Noêmia’s paintings, in an apartment close to the sky in the Montparnasse neighborhood, they shone with a somber beauty in deep purple, on which banners in the green of spring and floral reds represented her battle symbols. I saw them again later in a gallery installed in a London basement, where their exotic and ardent flavor seemed even richer. Seeing the paintings, I was able to get to know the artist. This woman from Rio de Janeiro has a serious character that comes from a profound experience of life, with its sufferings and joys, its simplicities and disappointments”.

Further on, Whittet declares: “To Noêmia Guerra, painting makes of each canvas a flag, a banner of faith in devotion to the domain where Piero della Francesca worked, to which Rembrandt mixed his sweat, and in which Cezanne experienced his sensations. Such painting has a strength that is the greatest strength of a woman who, totally lucidly, followed her vocation. Art is the signature of personality. As science progresses, art falls back. But fortunately there are still some artists who trust the compass of their own magnetism. Noêmia Guerra is one of them: she does not ask of spectators anything more than their own eyes. Once conquered, they lead to the country of light, where nothing is sought and there is no path. We look and receive. Colored, rich and sonorous surfaces radiate a luminosity that is Painting”.

“As a poet – he concludes – I think that in her landscapes of light, so generously given, Noêmia Guerra embraces life with a courageous happiness that only a few of us possess. As a critic, I am certain that her message is readable without any code, that this is a painting that is simply painting, in its pure state of universal meaning”.


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